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All that Microgreens

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

When my friend Jku posted pictures of his homegrown microgreens with a caption 'its harvest time' it had me thinking. I make Homemade Sprouts on and off with green gram and red cowpeas. Why not homemade microgreens? (To the uninitiated, microgreens are edible seedlings choke-full of nutrients.) I wasn't particularly thinking about health benefits when I decided on microgreens. The COVID lockdown had near exhausted the fun activities for my DD (Dear Daughter) and she was already chaffing to go out. Microgreens will make a fun activity and DD can get hands-on experience in seed germination. Armed with the instructions from JKu and Poshan Vani we started the microgreens way.

First, we needed seeds. Instead of buying seeds per se, we raided the kitchen shelves and came up with green gram, fenugreek, red cowpeas, black chickpeas, and mustard. Then it was germination time. My little girl placed the seeds in different containers and poured enough water to cover the seeds. We left them to soak all day. In the evening, we drained out the water and placed lids on the containers leaving enough gaps for proper aeration. By morning, the seeds have all sprouted.

Now, to plant them. We spend an afternoon puttering in the soil. My DD with her kutti manvetti (little shovel) was in all-out farmer mode. Once we filled the containers, we brought them into the house and placed them in the veranda and window sills in the kitchen. We also lined a few dishes with tissue paper and spread some sprouts on it as well.

My little girl took over the watering. For the next few weeks, she religiously watered the microgreens twice or sometimes thrice a day, depending on the weather.

And today.

Tada! Our first batch of microgreens.

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